Awakening to Freedom Series 

Drama Trauma and Karma

Launching Spring 2024



Creating Space to Evolve


The more trauma we transmute the more space 

there is for our consciousness to evolve and

our awareness to expand. 

The blocks and detours are removed.



There are now many Holistic Trauma Healing Therapies embracing our  Spiritual Origins. In 1980 I stumbled into a process that inspired me to heal the Traumas and Karmic Patterns that were showing up in my everyday Interpersonal Dramas. 


2020 inspired me to write them down in the form of a Spiritual Memoir. With every Somatic Release I discovered how I created them in the first place. The uncomfortable issues showing up in my current dramas and interpersonal relationships now made sense.


The longer traumas are embedded in our pysical and emotional bodies the stronger they get resulting in unwanted, sometimes tragic life altering events.


Facing the past life choices and actions that caused my current dramas cleared a path for my spiritual development. As I advanced, the best version of me emerged, my Inner Elder.



Practicing Elder

Currently in Development


We Are All Practicing Elders


A Lucid Dream while fasting, an apparation on an Arizona Canyon wall during a Vision Quest and an image suddenly appearing on my shield fascinated me for 15 years. Sean Bond confirmed she was the one who drew me to this phase of my spiritual evolution. 


At the end of book One I moved back to Toronto. Within a couple of weeks I was signing up for a newsletter at a psychic fair.


Not long after that I was opening an envelope to reveal the flyer inside. My hands shaking, I read the words Become a Medicine Apprentice. I can still feel the intensity of my decision as I see myself dialing the number on my old wall phone. I knew this was for me.


Over the next 20 years I spent a lot of weekends and vacation time going beyond my physical limits, learning the old ways that always seemed familiar. 


Vision Quests, Firewalking, Sacred Rock Lodges, Sundances and Prayer taught me a new level of Discipline. Many powerful experiences propelled me into facing myself.


The physical limitations I went beyond proved to me

what I was really made of.


Responding with Ability and Integrity taught us how to Walk Our Talk




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