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Drama Trauma and Karma


 Dr. Carmen Boulter

Creator of the Netflix Documentary The Pyramid Code

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"Without her knowing it she put me into the vein of poetry and music”

- Franz Liszt on Marie as his Muse

(The Girl Who Loved Camellias - Julie Kavanagh)



"There are more details in Kavanagh’s book on how Liszt felt about Marie Duplesiss. George Sand’s book Isidora supposedly was based on Marie’s life and written before Dumas’ wrote his. Liszt introduced Chopin to Sand in 1837 while they were all in Paris. There is a reason I am mentioning these contemporaries of Marie which I will explain later in this book."




"In 2017, I went on (the late) Dr Carmen Boulter’s annual spring Magic Egypt tour. Carmen incorporated the wisdom she received from her intuition and past life memories into her talks. We walked through the mango grove to the quartz crystal formation in the ruins of Abu Ghurab.


Sean Bond's (Psionic LeagueYouTube video  describes it as "The Atlantean Cross" a perfectly polished Alabaster compass structure that points out to the 4 directions and beyond, aligned to the East, it's center continues to rotate under specific events..." 


Carmen encouraged us to tone as we stood in a circle with our hands on the altar. It had been 40 years since William David taught me this in his Sound Color and Vibration workshops. Suddenly I could hear him as if he was toning in my head. With focused intention I joined him and Carmen.


Afterwards, as we were walking away, I shared how I had evoked my old teacher. She stopped. Fixing her eyes on me she said 'You studied with William David in Calgary too?' Wow, what a syncing up! Neither of us were aware of this, consciously anyway! That was a powerful moment because we both knew the validity of the teachers we had in common. We became friends almost from the first moment we met. Thank you, Carmen and William.


After a phenomenal visit to the Sekhmet shrine, I was enjoying a massage on the boat slowly moving up the Nile. It was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death. As I thought about her and started tearing up, I saw the face of Sekhmet turn into Hathor and a stern voice say 'Stop crying, there is no separation!'. I know there is no death, just a transition into another form, but regrets and unresolved emotions are still an enormous hurdle for us all to get over. My suggestion is to dig it up, look at it, transmute it into a valuable life lesson, and let it go before you see it in your book of life marked unfinished.


People looking into their past lives often find similarities to their current one in ways other than repetitive Dramas Traumas and Karmic Patterns. Synchronicities from Julie Kavanaugh’s book on my past life as Marie Duplessis clustered around my birth name. Ned’s mother’s name was Adele and so was his sister's. Marie’s sister’s name was Adele. My birth name was Adelle Marie as I was named after my great great aunt Adele. During a call from Spain, Carmen told me her sister's name is Adele.


As I was curious to know at least one way we may have known each other before, I asked her to share some of her past life drama locations. When she said 'Paris' I replied with 'I had a famous lifetime there and an affair with Franz Liszt.' She exclaimed 'I had an affair with Chopin!' We didn't share who we were, probably for the same reason we don't share with most people who are too skeptical to look into the similarities and clues for validation." If anyone remembers her mentioning who she was with Chopin please let me know so I can investigate it for more clues to back up our stories.


We know now that we can leap frog through time to repeat experiences and give it another go. We also know that everytime we make a decision as to a path to take we create another version of ourselves. Major historical characters have multiple versions , sparks and aspects of themselves, forward and back in time.



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